XSR Offload Server


The XSR Offload Server is based on Supermicro 19”rackmount servers, and it provides a powerful solution for making the data available to the end user. Data can be accessed directly by read/write to the RDM or it can be copied to the high capacity internal RAID for further processing or archiving. The built-in RDM docking station provides direct access to the four SSDs in the RDM through individual 3.0 Gbps SATA links for over 800MB/s sustained read/write speeds.

The XSR Removable Storage Module (RDM) fits all of Galleon’s data recorders, NAS and servers, thus providing an extremely flexible storage solution to suit the target application. The RDM can be exchange in the field in seconds, with no tools required.

The XSR Offload Server is based on Intel Xeon architecture, offering a high-performance processing and data distribution system. In addition to the built-in
dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, additional higher network Ethernet server can be added as needed (up to 100 Gigabit). Customized solutions such as tape archives and external high-capacity RAID systems are also offered.

For use with encryption enabled XSR systems, the XSR Offload Server may be fitted with optional AES 256-bit encryption hardware for full read/write access to encrypted RDMs. The offload server can also act as a Key Management System. Internal RAID capacities for 4TB to 80TB are supported in single or dual Xeon multi-core CPU systems with up to 128GB DDR3 SDRAM.

Galleon Embedded Computing’s quality management system is certified to Aerospace Standard AS/EN 9100 and ISO 9001.




Easy access to data


Front loaded RDM docking station


>800MB/s sustained


10GbE – GbE
Flexible ethernet infrastructure


The RDM can be exchanged in the field in seconds, with no tools required


Optional AES 256-bit encryption
Secure erase


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