Galleon Embedded Computing offers high-performance, high-quality storage solutions and small rugged data recorder systems, servers and NAS devices that can be applied in many situations and projects. On this page you will find application examples for the products. 


Multi-purpose Ground Vehicle

Ground Vehicle computers come in all shapes and sizes, with many different tasks to be performed. When each product is different, spares provision becomes complicated. An alternative approach for a tracked vehicle integration uses a single computer product for multiple different functions inside the vehicle. Galleon Embedded Computing’s Ground Vehicle Computer (GVC) was created to provide just the right mixture of processing, IO and data storage to be able to fulfil multiple functions in a single unit.

High Performance Processor/Recorder

The program for a MALE UAV required long duration high bandwidth recording, alongside the need for deep data processing, with a tight constraint for size, weight, and power. Alternative data recorders with sufficient capacity were too large/heavy for the application. Products with combined processing and recording in a single box were too large and too costly.

Solving UUV Long Duration Challenges

Unmanned or autonomous underwater vehicle systems of today present never before seen capabilities for extended duration missions ranging from commercial to military applications including: inspection and recovery environmental exploration and research mine detection and clearing swimmer detection/port protection

Complex Surveillance Systems Recording

Combining video processing, along with video, RADAR, and other data recording into a single recording sub-system is challenging, especially when there is also a requirement for small size and low weight. Rugged equipment with high reliability is also essential for mission success.

Network Attached Storage for Deployed Systems

This application example relates to an airborne platform requiring a particularly small rugged NAS device with large storage capacity.

Mission Video Recording

End user modes of operation added complexity:
3 Digital Video Inputs + Composite Video and Audio Record both Uncompressed and Compressed data to the disk at the same time. The ability to change between Uncompressed/Compressed recording on each individual channel. Event Marking and Pre-trigger recording. Flexible and easily upgradable. Removable memory. Rugged system design

Recording Sensor Data for Training AI

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are growing rapidly. A critical success factor for these applications is the ability to provide realistic data to train the AI. For applications which rely on video, there are specific challenges, especially if the AI will operate with uncompressed video.

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